Where To Stay In Nashville

where to stay in nashville

To kick off summer vacation this year, I went on a girl’s trip to Nashville.


Nashville has been at the top of my list FOREVER, so I jumped at the opportunity to go.  Nashville did not disappoint.  I could hang out on Broadway all day sipping on a cold beer (and the occasional cocktail) and listening to live music.


I love country music.  I grew up on it.  I’ve been listening to it my whole life, but man there is nothing like hearing your favorite songs on the radio performed live.



The end of the school year was CRAZY for me, and so I didn’t have much time to research before going at all.  I learned A LOT by trial and error.



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The group I went with was a group of teachers (a range of ages and one in our group was pregnant too)!  There were 5 of us all together, so that presented a challenge on where to stay.


We ultimately decided on the Homewood Suites by Hilton Nashville (two blocks north of Broadway).


If you aren’t familiar with the Nashville scene, Broadway is the big touristy area with all the bars and live music (closer to the river).  Depending on your reasons for coming to Nashville, you’ll probably be spending a fair amount of time on Broadway.  (I came to drink and party and enjoy live music…I’ll be honest.)  The Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame are right there too.


The Gulch is a super cute and trendy area a little bit south and a little bit west of Broadway too.  Think boutiques, restaurants, shops, higher end stuff, juice bars, murals and painted walls, the famous Angel Wings mural…that’s the Gulch.  (We walked to the Gulch from the Homewood Suites on our second day.)  If you’re looking for a quieter area to explore and you don’t care about being close to Broadway, then I would consider staying here.



Homewood Suites by Hilton Nashville


We ended up REALLY loving this hotel, and I would recommend it to family and friends.


*This is NOT a sponsored post.  I was just so impressed with our hotel that I wanted to write about it and shout it out to the world!*



The Pros

Easy Check-In Process

The woman who checked us in gave us maps and wrote down TONS of helpful suggestions for us.


Complimentary Stuff

There were complimentary waters for us in our room (think full water bottles).  What hotel does that anymore?!?!


Quick and Easy Front Desk Communication

We also were hooked up with text messages to the front desk right away.  All we had to do was send a quick text like, “Could we have some extra towels?” and someone was at our door in minutes.


Free Wi-Fi

Do I need to say more?  Save that precious data.

I did get kicked off a few times though.  Logging in again was a slight annoyance, but really didn’t bother me.


Free Breakfast

Eggs, biscuits, bacon, coffee (with the good International Delights Creamers available), yogurt, waffles.  The buffet was switched up a little bit every day, but the essentials were always there.


Free Happy Hour/Dinner

When I say Happy Hour, I’m talkin’ like a MEGA happy hour.  We basically ate this food for dinner every night.  On our first night, they had Italian Meatballs.  The second night was BBQ with hamburgers and potato wedges.  The last night was Chicken Salad.  They had salad and soup available every day too.

The best part?  Complimentary beer and wine my friends!!!  COMPLIMENTARY SELF-SERVE beer and wine.  Eat and drink to your heart’s content!

The second night we were down there for happy hour, one of the workers kept coming by with the wine bottles and topping off our glasses.  When I say “topping off” I mean literally filling our glasses to the rim.  Again, what hotel does this?!?!

We felt like royalty.

The food and drinks in Nashville are expensive (if you’re hanging out on or near Broadway…which you most likely are), so the free breakfast, the happy hour/dinner, and the free booze really saved us a lot of money.  We weren’t intentionally trying to do budget travel per say, but it was a really nice and unexpected bonus.


Super Friendly and Helpful Staff

…like seriously over the top.

Did you read what I said about about the beer and wine?  The speedy service?  Going over the top and above and beyond in every way imaginable?

This was every single employee we were in contact with too.


Walkable Distance to Broadway

It was a good 10 minute walk to get to the bars on Lower Broadway, but we didn’t mind.


Comfortable Rooms and CLEAN

Clean is a big one for me, especially the bathroom.


The Cons

There aren’t many.


The area north of Broadway isn’t quite as nice as the area south of Broadway (SOBRO).  Get it?  South of Broadway…Sobro.  If (when) I go to Nashville again, I would like to experiment with staying in this neighborhood although I don’t think the service we got at the Homewood Suites can be beat.


There were a lot of homeless people sleeping in the park that we would walk by every day to get down to Broadway (and also just hanging around on the streets between our hotel and Broadway), but there was also a visible police presence too.  If I was alone, I wouldn’t feel great about walking that by myself.


Side Note:  The issue of homelessness weighs heavy on my heart.  I really need to do some soul searching because I need to find a way to help.  I struggle because I’m not sure that handouts are the way to go.  If you have any advice on what you do, please reach out and let me know.


The rooms are slightly dated, BUT they are super comfortable and CLEAN.


In Conclusion

The Homewood Suites was about the same price as we would have paid for a verified AirBnb (I’ve had too many bad Airbnb experiences now to stay in anything but a verified apartment).  BUT when you take into consideration the free breakfast and the happy hour (basically dinner with unlimited booze), then we really came out on top with our choice of the Homewood Suites.


Stay there on your first (or next) trip to Nashville, and you won’t be disappointed.


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xoxo Alyssa

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  1. Kathy
    October 22, 2021 / 9:56 pm

    Great tips! Thanks!! Regarding your thoughts on the how to help the homeless (but not enabling an addiction— if there is one)— one of the guys in our small group suggested providing a fresh set of clothing to someone about the same physical stature as yourself. Doesn’t have to be brand new, just not anything worn out — something you might try to sell otherwise. He does this with clothing he has but doesn’t particularly wear. He also includes some travel sized toiletries and a couple of non-perishable snacks an a bottle of water. I thought this was a brilliant idea!

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