The Best Cider Mill Donuts in Metro Detroit

The Best Cider Mill Donuts in Metro Detroit

I think it’s safe to say you’ve heard of Blake’s and Yates (etc) when it comes to all things fall…BUT have you heard of Hy’s Cider Mill?


They are a small family owned cider mill located off of 37 Mile and Van Dyke in Bruce Township (between Romeo and Almont.)



The donuts are ALWAYS served HOT.


What could be worse than a cold cider mill donut? (Well, plenty of things, but when I go to a cider mill for fall activities I WANT A HOT DONUT.)


…Sweet cinnamon sugar with just a little crunch and then a warm *slightly* doughy interior. Mmmmm…


It’s totally worth the beautiful country drive to get there too.



There are plenty of picnic tables to sit at and there are giant straw bales (I think they are straw or hay…I’m not from the country ok?) for the kids to play on. There were even people tossing around a football and just hanging out.


The best part was that we walked right up to the donut window and were served right away.


Hy’s is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-6pm, so you better make plans to squeeze in a visit!




For your perfect fall weekend…

Grab a coffee and some treats from Main’s Treat and stroll around Tilson Street in Romeo.


Pick up cider and donuts at Hy’s. You can do some u-pick apples while you’re there too!


Check out Chic Antique’s Market Weekend in Almont. (They only do this once/month.) The October Market is 10/8-10/10.


Head over to Vanhoutte’s Farm to get your pic taken in front of the 1,800lb pumpkin!!! Pick out your pumpkins and your fall decor while you’re there too! U-Pick Flowers might even still be open this weekend, but don’t quote me on that!


Then relax at Blake’s Backyard (Almont) with some live music and chill vibes.


You can also hit up Chatitas Rolling Kitchen at Frontier Town (Washington, MI) or the Rustic Bluebird in Romeo for something delicious to eat too!


If you head out to the places I recommend, I would love it if you’d tag me @thingstodometrodetroit so I can follow along!


Happy Fall Y’all!



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