The Bachelor Pilot Pete: Lies, Alayah, & Chase Rice

the bachelor pilot pete liars, alayah, and chase rice

Bach producers have really outdone themselves this time.


Theme of this week’s episode: “The devil works hard, but Bachelor producers work harder.”


Chase Rice/Victoria F’s Date Debacle


Let us not forget that Chase Rice agreed to being on the show KNOWING that a girl he banged was going to be a contestant, and he didn’t think producers were going to use that to stir up drama?!?!! I mean c’mon…


BUT CHASE, do you know how many people are looking you up on social media and on Spotify because of this scandal? I can assure you that your popularity just skyrocketed. Do you know how many musicians I have previously looked up who have played on Bachelor dates before?




I also think it’s so funny that Peter’s biggest fear seems to be “looking dumb” on the show. I believe that’s a big part of the reason he sent Alayah home last week based on what other girls were saying about her.


He doesn’t want a repeat of the Hannah/Luke P FINASCO. He doesn’t want people talking about him like how they talked about Hannah not being able to see through Luke P.


However, by not seeing things through and by making rash decisions (sending Alayah home, then giving her the group date rose upon her return), he’s just creating an even bigger mess.


The big difference is that people RESPECTED Hannah because she took the time to come to her own conclusions.


Rather than form his own opinions, Peter will just be manipulated by producers and by the girls over and over again because he is driven by fear.


Peter is doing anything and everything to avoid looking dumb, and what do producers do? They set him up on this one-on-one date with Victoria F knowing FULL WELL that it will be super awkward for her, Chase, and Peter.


Here he is dancing away with Victoria trying to be all kissy kissy with her in front of her (supposed) ex-boyfriend.


Then, after the concert, Peter is just chattin’ it up with Chase as clueless as can be!


Let’s also address this whole “ex-boyfriend” thing really quickly. Victoria keeps referring to Chase Rice as her “ex.” Chase just spoke out about the show saying he’s pissed at Bachelor producers about how things all went down and the position they put him in. He didn’t want to be a part of any drama. He also says that he spent ONE NIGHT with Victoria, and “…she seems like a cool girl from what I know of her.”


Sounds to me like Victoria was a ONE NIGHT STAND, which is a far cry from a relationship where you would refer to someone as a boyfriend.


Peter’s reaction, when he finds out, was just too good also. “What?!? Who? You mean the guy? The country guy who was just singing to us? HIM!?!?!


If I was Peter, I would be furious over what the producers did. They made a fool of him.


BUT he’s under contract, and he can’t walk away.


If I was a contestant on this season, I think I’d walk away.


Victoria F was just screamin’ and talkin’ like a baby too before she got out of the car for her date. What was that? My ears were bleeding.


If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, please reference this IG post below.



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Victoria P at the beginning of the episode: “At least I told Peter the truth about Alayah.”


Victoria P at the end of the show: “I told my truth.”


Cleveland/The First Part of Peter’s Date with Victoria F


Chris Harrison comes in to reassure the women that Peter still thinks he’s going to find his wife. LOL


Also, this was too funny to NOT share…




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The looks on the women’s faces when Chris tells them that they’re going to Cleveland, OH:  Priceless


Chris: We’re taking you around the world…but not all of you. We gotta thin this group out before we go international!


Somebody get these girls some packing cubes too. SMH.


My good friend Laurel lives in Cleveland, and it does actually seem like a pretty cool city. I need to get my butt out there to visit her soon. Fun Fact about Laurel: She was in the crowd for Peter’s date with Victoria F! She’s a blogger too. You can check her out at


All these girls are referring to Peter as their “boyfriend.” I like to reserve that term for someone I’m in a committed relationship with, but whatever.


Why has no one ever heard of Cedar Point before? Everyone is always so surprised about its existence.


Victoria F ACTUALLY does a toast to “Here’s to our sons having hot moms and successful dads.”


I’m sorry, but WTF kind of a toast is that? Is she really saying that her only redeeming quality is her looks? Because that’s what I’m hearing.


Peter goes on to say that he either wants 2 or 4 kids…which seems like a normal thing to say at first, BUT then he goes on to explain that he loves amusement parks. If you have 3 kids, then one of them has to sit by themselves on the roller coaster, and that’s sad.


REALLY PETER?!?!! THIS is your justification for the number of children you want?!?!!


Victoria agrees, “That’s SO sad.”


She wants boys, but then she tells Peter that he would be a good girl dad. She also shouts out “Kobe!” while they’re playing basketball. So we have a #GirlDad reference and a “Kobe!” shoutout that airs in the episode the day after the helicopter crash. It’s weirding me out a little bit.


She DEFINITELY knew that it was Chase Rice too just from hearing a couple of guitar chords. You can see it all over her face as they’re walking toward their “private concert.” #ChaseRiceGroupie


You can see it all over Chase’s face too as they walk up. He’s like yep. Bach producers just did me dirty.


Poor precious little Peter. “This is one of the coolest dates I’ve ever been on!” & “We could have Chase Rice singing at our wedding! You never know!” Oh boy.


When Victoria tries to break it to him…”Like the singer Chase? The guy that was doing the concert? Wait…what??? Noooo. The guy that was singing? I talked to him.


That was painful to watch. The Bachelor producers just enjoyed torturing everyone involved. That’s messed up.


They decide to laugh it off, and Victoria gets the rose.


The Group Date/The Alayah vs Victoria P Show


“Every time there’s been a group date, there’s been a bunch of drama. So hopefully that doesn’t happen tomorrow…” Oh ladies. If only you knew what was coming…


I appreciate Mykenna’s enthusiasm even though she’s really struggling. I feel ya girl, cause that would be me.


Victoria P pulls some kinda bullshit about her back still hurting “a litte.” When did you injure your back exactly? She just doesn’t want to look “stupid” in front of Peter for sucking a football. That’s a red flag for me honestly. If you can’t stand looking silly and laugh at yourself. It’s a no for me.


Meanwhile Peter is rewarding this behavior by kissing her and giving her massages on the sidelines…in front of all the other girls. Weird.


Hannah Ann took a beating during the football game. It makes me respect her a little more.


Honest question: Does Peter’s back ever get sore from these girls jumping on him and him picking them up?


Victoria P steals him first at the cocktail party. That was a bitch move.


All the girls are worried about having time with Peter. Tammy points out that a lot of them missed out on talking to Peter two times in a row now because of the Alayah drama.


THEN she shows up to steal more time on this date. I get where the women are coming from and why they’re upset. Peter is the worst. #SorryNotSorry


And to the women I say, why keep chasing a man who won’t make time for you? You are worth so much more than that.




Victoria P admits that she went to Vegas with Alayah/that there was a friendship before the show.


Peter is upset and Victoria is the one who says she’s baffled.


Yep. Baffled that she got caught in a lie.


“My truth is the truth.” WHAT?!?!


Then the manipulation comes. “I have been so open with you and vulnerable with you…” Cue the tears. “All I know is there is so much I want to share with you.” Spoken like a true bitch baby.


“After I told Peter I was falling in love with him (more manipulation), I felt like he deserved to know what I felt my truth was in that moment.”


She is an expert LIAR. WOW. Obviously this isn’t the first time she’s used that “my truth” BS.


Forget “The devil works hard, but Bachelor producers work harder.”


How about, “The devil works hard, but Victoria P works harder.”


She basically says that she lied because she was just saying what all the other women in the house were saying too.


What gets me is how Victoria P hugs her and fixes her makeup when she sheds a tear. This is fucked up. Excuse my language.


Peter, when someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time.


What’s interesting too is that Sydney caused all of this drama, and now she’s sitting there not getting any time with Peter either…


I get why he asked Alayah to come back, but was giving her the group date rose REALLY necessary? No.


Peter just stirred up more drama. *Eye Roll*



Kelsey’s (Champagne Girl) One-On-One


Was not super excited for this, but Kelsey surprised me.


I wouldn’t say she’s one of my favorites, but she definitely redeemed herself a little bit from the whole Champagne “Finasco.”


I love walking around cities too, and I LOVE pierogi.


Have they never seen or eaten a pierogi before??? What the heck is wrong with them!?!?!


I used to Polka Dance with my grandpa around the family room when I spent the night. The polka dancing was cute.


All of this stuff is so staged though.


To find out that your parents are divorcing and then to not see your dad for 12 years…that’s freakin’ rough.


The Rose Ceremony/Cocktail Party


The episode ends with all these girls ragging on Alayah…”She’s a dark cloud of negativity.”


I’m sorry, but maybe Alayah’s not the problem. Maybe all the rest of you are “a dark cloud of negativity.”


These women are awful.


But also, good for them for letting Peter know that what he did with the rose on the group date & spending all of his time on the Alayah/Victoria P drama SUCKED.


Peter’s apology SUCKED.


Victoria P SUCKS. “I don’t want to talk to you right now. Let’s talk.”


She’s acting like she’s mad at him. More classic manipulation.


Stop thinking with your dick, Peter, and send her ass home.


These women are so catty. Peter needs to pull a Hannah B and put their asses in check.


And Peter, if all these women got up and walked out, it would be a blessing buddy. A blessing.



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