The Bachelor Pilot Pete: #ChampagneGate, Bullying, Finasco, & Linger-y

the bachelor pilot pete champagnegate, bullying, finasco, & linger-y

Welp, I know why they picked good ole’ Pilot Pete to be The Bachelor now…




This season has been a FINASCO.


The memes this week were out of control, and I’m here for it.



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Number One


None of these girls are ready for marriage.


Looking back at my 23/24 year old self…


First of all, I barely recognize her.


Second of all, she definitely wasn’t ready for marriage.


I don’t think the point of this show (for most people anymore) is to get married.


To launch a social media career? Yes.


Marriage? Hard no.


I have an entirely separate blog post in the works with my ponderings about marriage, so I’ll stop here on this topic for now.


Also, don’t even get my started on “Finasco” and “Linger-y.”


I am not the best at pronouncing words either, but c’mon!



Hannah Brown


We all knew she wasn’t going to stay, but something tells me we haven’t seen the last of her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the woman that his mom is crying about in that teaser from the first episode.


I sure hope so because I really don’t like any of these women so far. Maddie is ok, but that’s about it.


Then I found out that she created fake fan accounts to post comments on her real account, and she just lost any respect I had for her.


I like Tammy too, but I know she’s not gonna be around for long. Too real.



#ChampagneGate & Bullying


First of all, Kelsey, the fact that you saved your special champagne for some guy you barely know on a TV show?!?!!


If it’s that special to you, drink it yourself. Drink it with good friends. Drink it with family. Why on earth would you save something so special for some guy you barely know?!?!?!


Save it for the finale if he chooses you!


Also, it’s becoming SO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS how the producers are manipulating the show, and these women just fall for it.


There was a time when The Bachelor had women who looked and acted REAL. They didn’t all look like Mini-Plastic-Kardashians.


If I were to go on the show, I would look like a CHILD.



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And most of these women are 7 years younger than me!


That moment when the champagne blew up in Kelsey’s face though…has to be one of the greatest moments of all time in Bachelor history.



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I have actually been a victim of this same type of scenario.


Except it was summer.


I was out by the pool at my parents’ house.


Neighbors were over.


We were “turning up” a little bit.


I was going to finish off the bottle of Duvel (Belgian beer that I love, but it comes in a champagne type bottle).


It foamed up in my mouth, and then I spit it out (sprayed it out) all over the place.


I’m sure it was a really proud moment for my parents to witness.


Also, the neighbor girl was over. She was sitting next to me when this all went down. Then she was a student in my math class in the fall haha. Whoops.



Remember that student who told me he hoped something really embarrassing would happen to me in a public place?


Well son, I’ve lost track of the number of times I have embarrassed myself.


Hannah Ann had to go all cry baby over the champagne scandal too, but I think her tears were more from the fear that she was going to be painted as the villain of the season. (Don’t worry Hannah. Victoria F. has you covered on that.)


Did you see the preview for this week where Peter takes Victoria F. to a private concert with country singer Chase Rice…only to find out that SHE DATED HIM? Whoops.


Also, the shy girl act is up, Victoria.



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Anyway, I digress.


Kelsey overreacts and says some mean things to Hannah Ann.


In my humble opinion, there is a difference between being mean and being a bully.


Kelsey was upset and lashed out. I think we’re jumping the gun a little bit here by calling her a bully.


A bully is someone who REPEATEDLY says or does harmful things over a period of time.


Hannah Ann totally spun the situation to her advantage though by using the B word to Peter. I don’t trust that girl.


BUT THEN Kelsey has to go and say that she doesn’t even like champagne that much. SMH.


Sydney vs Alayah


Here we go with the “right reasons” drama.


Have these girls never seen the show before or…?




It’s just a cardinal rule. C’mon.


But here we got with Sydney.


I have to admit, when she asked Alayah if she had a job…that was hilarious.


It was also pretty condescending though. Sydney definitely thinks she’s better than Alayah.


The main even though was when Peter came out there and threw Sydney under the bus IN FRONT OF EVERYONE…


That shows such poor character on his part. (Also, letting Kelley win the relay race during Episode 1, even though she cheated, was a display of poor character too.)


I’m sure he was like, “What do I do?”


And the producers were happy to tell him to “Go out there and ask Sydney in front of everyone RIGHT NOW.”


So he did it. What a loser. Honestly.


These women are so wrapped up in this situation that they’re willing to accept such poor treatment.


No one is questioning, “Is this the guy for me? Is he good enough for ME?” They just accept everything that he says and does.


These women have such low self-worth. I feel sorry for them. Been there girl. Maybe watching the show back will be a wake-up call for some of them.


The fact that Peter sent Alayah home too almost solely based on the other girls’ opinions says that he is insecure and worried about what other people will think of him.


Take their opinions, give it some time, and make your own decisions based on what you see from her.


Don’t be so easily influenced by the other women and by the producers, Pete.



The Pool Party


Worst pool party in the history of The Bachelor.


Lame AF.


Nobody ACTUALLY swims.


The Alayah drama just dominates the whole thing.


I was annoyed and bored.


The memes afterward were great though, so here are some for your enjoyment.



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One final parting thought for you today…


Is Peter a sex addict?


For real though.


I mean time will tell…but 4 times in a windmill?


I’m pretty sure he banged Kelley the night they met at her friend’s wedding/his high school reunion.


He also has sex with someone before fantasy suites.


And the way his parents cheered when Hannah told the entire world on After the Final Rose that it was FOUR times in the windmill…


The evidence is stacking up…


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