My Favorite Restaurants in Lisbon

chicken couscous at local santos

I put together a list of my favorite restaurants in Lisbon just for you!


I lived in Lisbon, Portugal for a month last summer, and I made it my mission to try out as many different restaurants as possible.

Food is very important to me while traveling (and all of the time actually).  I love trying new places and different types of cuisine.  You can rest assured that every place on this list will leave you with a smile.  No bad meals or experiences here.

But first…

A Few Things about eating and drinking in Lisbon…

Dinner is LATE.  Like 9 o’clock and later late.

Carry Cash.

Make a reservation.

Everyone who works in hospitality in Lisbon speaks English, so no fears!

Also, beware that August is a popular time for locals to vacation.  Some of your favorite places may close or be closed because the owners are on holiday in the Algarve.


Don’t worry about trying to write these all down because I’ve got a special gift for you at the bottom of this post as well 😉


Also, I will post pictures below each restaurant description.


Sama Sama


Vegan/Vegetarian Crêpes, Juices, Smoothies, and more!

Gluten Free Options

Open Tuesday – Saturday From 9am-4pm

Closed Sundays and Mondays

Located Near Cais do Sodré and Pink Street

Grab a quick bite here to feel healthy again after all the partying you’re going to do in Lisbon.

What to Order: The Alma Crêpe (a shot of espresso and a ginger shot too if you’ve been out partying haha)

When you eat here, you’re supporting a mom and pop shop.


Why I Love Sama Sama

Sama Sama might just be my favorite place in Lisbon.  Not only will the crêpes (actually everything on the menu) blow you away with the creativity, combination of flavors and textures, and the deliciousness, BUT Sofia and Malte (the owners, operators, builders, MASTERMINDS) are some of the best people I have ever met.

The food is incredibly healthy, organic, and fresh.  I mean, they have sprout plants growing in a glass case by the door and literally snip off the greens to add to your crêpe right in front of you!  It doesn’t get more fresh than that!

Everything is vegan and/or vegetarian, but Sofia and Malte don’t like to put labels on it like that.  Their mission is to bring nutritious, DELICIOUS, whole foods to their loyal customers.  They want to show everyone that a plant-based diet can be healthy AND tasty.

They have vegan cheese that actually tastes like cheese!  They also don’t use meat substitutes (I mean like the fake processed stuff that is supposed to mimic meat).  They believe in using fresh food to create the flavors and textures you might be craving.  If you’re not vegan or vegetarian, this place will seriously turn you.

I mentioned to them one day that my favorite juice was apple, carrot, lemon – and (I kid you not) they added it to their menu the following week!

The menu rotates every quarter depending on what is in season.  All ingredients are sourced from local farmers.

Even though the menu rotates, the Alma crêpe is a staple, and it is my favorite.  It’s got guacamole and crispy kale and creates a wonderful explosion of flavor in your mouth.  There is a very beautiful story behind this crêpe too.


This place is number one on my list for SO MANY REASONS.  I actually could go on and on all day about Sama Sama and Sofia and Malte, and actually I will in a whole other post because this place is that special!

sama sama smoothie

Peanut butter and overnight oat smoothie

sama sama savory crepe

You absolutely cannot leave Lisbon without trying the Alma!

sama sama menu

I may have tried every single crepe on this menu + some 🙂





Small Plates, Sandwiches, Charcuterie, Dinner, & WINE

Make a Reservation if you don’t want to sit at the bar

Open Tuesday – Sunday From Noon-Midnight

Open Monday From 6pm-Midnight

Located in the heart of Chiado

You can indulge here or you can order on a budget.

What to Order:  Try the Ceviche or the Entrecote.  Splurge on a Charcuterie board if you’re really feeling it!  I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on the menu here.  Don’t forget a glass of refreshing Vinho Verde (especially if you’re visiting in the middle of a hot summer).


Why I Love BytheWine

Portugal is known for their wine!  The inside of this place is designed in the SHAPE of a wine bottle, AND it’s covered in wine bottles.

I mean just look at that decor!  The food is excellent too, and very reasonably priced.  The service is fast, helpful, and friendly.  It’s a great place to sit at the bar if you’re going solo too!

by the wine lisbon

By The Wine Sample Menu

by the wine lisbon decor

This place is designed to feel like you are sitting inside a wine bottle, and it’s covered in wine bottles too! SO COOL.

by the wine ceviche

Try the ceviche with a cool glass of vinho verde.



Bistro 100 Maneiras


A fusion of Portuguese cuisine and Eastern European Cuisine.

This place is classy…a little more high end, but SO worth it!

Make a Reservation if you don’t want to sit at the bar.  You can’t go wrong with either the first or second floor.

Every day:  Noon-2am

Located right between Chiado and Bairro Alto.

Have a late dinner, and then stroll through the Bairro Alto and join the party.

What to Order:  You HAVE TO  get the chicken piri piri.  It’s actually more of a North African dish, but it has become super popular in Portugal.


Why I Love Bistro 100 Maneiras

This place is just SO DANG COOL.  You really need to see it for yourself.  Plus the food is amazing, and you can head right on over to the Bairro Alto afterward.  Grab a beer for a euro and hang out in the streets with the crowd.  Make some new friends 😉  If you don’t find a scene you like there, continue right on down to Pink Street and check out some of the bars on my list on the way.

bistro 100 maneiras decor

chicken piri piri at bistro 100 maneiras

Chicken Piri Piri

decor at bistro 100 maneiras



Local (Santos)


Large, hearty, and healthy plates

The food is delicious, and you can feel good about finishing everything on your plate!

A reservation is a good idea, but not necessary.

Every day:  9am – 11pm

Located in Santos (just a short and beautiful walk from the Cais do Sodré train station)

Eat here and then grab a pastel de nata from the Time Out Market as you stroll back toward the train.

What to Order:  The chicken with couscous was AMAZING, and I felt amazing afterward too.  Of course, you need to top that off with a glass of vinho verde (or a bottle).  When in Lisbon!


Why I Love Local Santos

This place is a little bit off the beaten path, so it’s not as crowded.  The walk is beautiful on a warm summer night.  You will pass by all kinds of interesting street art and little parks where you can relax and enjoy the evening.

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A Venda Lusitana


Authentic Portuguese Cuisine

Make a reservation, and go right when they open.

Closed Sundays

Monday – Saturday: 6pm – 11pm

Located near Av. da Liberdade/Príncipe Real

From here, stroll on over to Av. da Liberdade and try out a few of the bars on my list.  This area of town feels like a completely different Portugal compared to the Chiado/Bairro Alto/Baixa areas.

What to Order:  Pork cheek, hands down.  Do the tasting menu and throw in some wine.  It’s worth it!


Why I Love A Venda Lusitana

If you are looking for an authentic Portuguese dining experience, look no further!  Definitely make a reservation.  This is one of those places with a limited set menu.  When we went, there was one guy working.  He had spent his day doing all the prep and cooking.  We made a reservation and were there right when it opened, so we scored the pork cheek.  A family that came in a while after us was not so lucky.  The pork cheek was out.



Food Temple

Dinner (Cash Only)


DEFINITELY make a reservation.  Go early because sometimes they’ll run out of something on the menu (similar to A Venda Lusitana)

Open Everyday: 7:30pm – 11pm

Located in Mouraria

What to Order:  The plates are small, so keep that in mind if you’re with a group.  Your waiter will make recommendations on what dishes to order and how many to get.  There are different courses.  You’ll want to try a sample of all the different foods 🙂


*A Special Note About the Food Temple*

Please do not go alone.  If you put the address into Google Maps, you will get lost wandering around Mouraria, which doesn’t have the safest reputation.  I personally know a woman who was attacked in this area.  You will be fine if you go with a group and keep your wits about you.

The best way to get here is to go to Martim Moniz, and THEN put Food Temple into your Google Maps.  Otherwise, your Google Maps will take you to a different location.  I don’t know why this happens, but it’s common




The First Place I’ll Go When I’m Back In Lisbon…

This is SO hard.  I want to live in Lisbon and eat at every single place all over again.

First, I will run to Sama Sama to see Sofia and Malte.


I will head to Taberna da Rua das Flores (Cash Only) to get a meal!  This place isn’t mentioned on the list above because I haven’t been there to eat YET.  However, EVERY SINGLE PERSON  has recommended it, and it’s included on my Google Maps List for Lisbon below 🙂



All of these places and more are on my FREE Google Maps List that you can download HERE.  With a few clicks, it’ll be saved in your app.  All you have to do is show up in Lisbon ready to have some fun 🙂


Lisbon Google Maps Lists Button


I’ll be honest with you.  I completely left my heart in Lisbon.  I’m so jealous that you’re going, and I guarantee you that I am sitting here plotting my return.

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As always, thank you for reading and supporting!


xoxo, Alyssa


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My Favorite Restaurants in Lisbon



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