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Last year at this time, I was doing the Medical Medium 28 Day Cleanse.

You can read all about my experience >>HERE<<


In a perfect world, I would have become completely vegan, and I would given up gluten, coffee, and alcohol forever after doing that cleanse.


It’s not a perfect world, and I am not a perfect person.


Past Alyssa would have had a All-Or-Nothing Mindset about this (it’s the perfectionist in me).


If I couldn’t stick to the program or the cleanse perfectly, I would have just completely given up.


Present day Alyssa is aware of her All-Or-Nothing Mindset, and so she chooses to be ok with doing things imperfectly.


Consistency doesn’t actually mean 100% of the time. If you can’t do something 100% of the time, it doesn’t mean you should give up.


You can still be “consistent” when you do something 70, 80, 90% of the time.


There are still great benefits to showing up for yourself and doing that thing (whatever it is for you) as much as possible (in an imperfect way) versus giving up and doing none of it.


For example, if my goal is to eat an apple a day for a year…


(This is a very simplified example for our purposes.)


Someone with an all or nothing mindset might miss a day, and then completely give up.


Someone who is ok with being imperfect just keeps going even after a bad day or week or month. By the end of the year, they may have missed a lot of days, but say they still ate 200 out of 365 apples.

Person number one (who gave up) ate 20.


Who is winning?


It’s called the compounding effect. A little action (even when done imperfectly) adds up to make a big difference over time.


So what are the Medical Medium practices that I have carried over into my normal everyday life?


Again, please remember that I do not do these perfectly. I have days, sometimes weeks, and recently even months that have gone by where I have skipped certain parts of this routine.


Starting a new school year (and a new grade level at a new school on top of that), moving to a new home, and traveling will do that to you.




If you don’t want to use the supplements and sources that Anthony recommends, then please do a lot of research. Do a lot of research regardless for your own piece of mind.


Celery Juice

Anthony has a whole book out on celery juice. I did buy it and read it. I don’t think it’s necessary to buy the book, but it is short and relatively cheap (~$10 on Amazon at the time of writing this post). Sometimes I pick it up and reread a little bit to get me motivated to do the celery juice again if I’m slacking.

The most important details you need to know:

Drink it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Do not mix it with water or any other kind of juice.

You need to drink at least 16 oz (usually one bunch does the trick).

Do not eat or drink anything else for 15-30 mins after finishing your juice.

A masticating juicer (like this one) works best. There is a juicer out now JUST for celery juice, but I still think I’d go with this one. I can juice a wide variety of things, and I like having that option. My first juicer was a centrifugal juicer (Breville probably has the most popular model out there right now), but it heats the juice up more than a masticating juicer and it exposes the juice to more oxygen vs a masticating juicer. Both of those thing bring down the nutritional quality of the juice. I love my Omega juicer (and I think it’s much easier to clean up too). At first, your juicer will be all shiny and new and fun, BUT you’ll get sick of cleaning it after a while. So ease of clean is a big one for me.


If you’re eating a lot of the “No” foods on his list, then you’re more likely to feel the effects of the juice (in my experience). You might find yourself running to the bathroom not long after you finish your juice. The celery juice has more crappy crap to clean out of your body.


One of my favorite quotes from Fed Up is “Crap is still crap even if it’s less crappy.” {Talking about food that’s branded as “low-fat,” “less sugar,” “fewer calories,” and so on.}


When I was doing the 28 Day Cleanse and only eating fruits and veggies (and some cashews), I really didn’t have any noticeable side effects from the celery juice.


Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

You need a good blender. It doesn’t have to be a top of the line Vitamix. A good Ninja will do the trick. I have had mine for years now, and it’s still going strong. This is what I recommend: Ninja

There are 5 ingredients that you are supposed to include in this smoothie every time for the ultimate detoxifying effect.

I started out adding things gradually. I am up to all 5 now. Honestly, if you don’t mind the taste of cilantro, then I think you could start with all 5 at once. The cilantro kind of overpowers everything else. That’s mostly all I can taste.


Anthony’s Recipe (and what I do)

Spirulina: 2 tsps (I still only do one.)

Barely Grass Juice Powder: 1-2 tsps (I do one.)

Cilantro: 1 cup

Atlantic Dulse: 2 TBS (I do a tsp right now.)

Wild Blueberries: 1 cup (Yes, they need to be WILD. I like the Wyman’s frozen wild blueberries that you can find at Costco.)



High Quality Liquid Zinc Sulfate

In Liver Rescue, Anthony talks about the importance of zinc and how most people are deficient. I do this one everyday without fail.

I usually do one dropper in the morning and one in the evening.



High Quality B12 (methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin)

I have read his original book Medical Medium, Liver Rescue, and his Celery Juice book. He talks about the importance of B12 ALL THE TIME.

This is the one I use everyday without fail too.

Sometimes I do it twice a day and sometimes only once.



Astragalus Root

I found this one on my own. It’s supposed to boost your immune system. I have been taking it for about six months now, and I haven’t been sick (fingers-crossed). Keep in mind that I work in an elementary school (4th grade classroom). We have had hand-foot-and mouth, strep, influenza, lots of yucky stuff go around the room. (One of my kids even had pneumonia this year!) None of it got me, and I have been sneezed on and coughed on more than ever.


I do two capsules once a day. Sometimes I do two capsules twice per day. Just depends on how I’m feeling and if I’m in maintenance mode or prevention mode.


Other Recommended Supplements I Always Have On Hand


Cat’s Claw: I use this one pretty often too. It’s most effective to take in the evening according to Anthony. I usually put some in my tea if I’m feeling it.


Ester-C Vitamin C: I have used this for his Vitamin C Shock Therapy (when you feel a cold or flu coming on). I swear by it. The only drawback that I have some slight concerns over is that it contains estrogen. I have tried to research this, and I haven’t come to a conclusion yet. So proceed with caution if you’re pregnant, trying to conceive, a man who doesn’t want estrogen…etc.

This little Vitamin C Shock Therapy trick comes from Anthony too.

I do ~8 oz warm water

2 capsules (break them open and dissolve in the water)

Juice from half a lemon (can use orange too, but I prefer lemon)

1-2 TBS raw honey

Mix it all up and drink. He says you can drink one every two hours.


L-Lysine: Supposed to help fight viruses according to Anthony. I don’t take it regularly enough to know, but I try to mix it into my routine when I can.


Black Elderberry: Another supplement I have on hand for when I feel like I need an extra immune boost. I know several people who swear by Elderberry syrup. For now, the capsule/powder form works fine for me when I want something extra.


Hibiscus Tea & Raspberry Leaf Tea: This is the brand I use and trust. The hibiscus tea is SO GOOD, and it’s bright pink/red. I just love drinking it. I drink Spearmint tea almost daily (because it is supposed to help with hormones/acne). Spearmint isn’t one of the usual teas recommended by Anthony. I drink these other teas pretty regularly too though.


I can usually find the hibiscus and raspberry leaf teas at Target. Spearmint, I always have to buy online.


I know there are a lot of people out there who think the Medical Medium is a quack, and that’s fine. I know this isn’t for everyone. If you know about my journey though, then you’ll know and understand how I got to this point.


If you aren’t familiar with my health journey, then you can read about it starting >>HERE<< with Part I.

You can come back here to grab the next two parts if you’re interested:

Part II



For most of Anthony’s advice, my personal approach is to look at it like, at the end of the day, what if he’s wrong? The worst I did was eat a lot more fruits and veggies, drink a lot more tea, take some supplements, and cut back on dairy, gluten, and alcohol. No matter what, I look at that as a win.

Make sure you grab four of my favorite smoothie recipes by entering in your info below. If you don’t see the email, please be sure to check your spam box and move the email to your primary inbox 🙂



[Some of the links mentioned above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. It won’t cost you anything extra, and you would be supporting my blog in the process – so thank you!]


This post is not meant to serve as medical advice. I am merely sharing my thoughts and experiences with following the Medical Medium practices. You should always consult your physician.


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  1. Farrah
    May 8, 2020 / 7:57 am

    Would you mind sharing what you eat for lunch and dinner daily after your cleanse? I’m doing the metal detox smoothie every morning. I haven’t started the celery juice yet- saving up! I’m a teacher as well. I’d love to get some ideas as to what my lunch and dinner should look like. Wondering if I could make it family friendly. We grill veggies a lot with salmon or organic chicken but I know that’s different from the normal medical medium. Do you use any dressings?? I have been suffering with chronic skin conditions, anxiety and depression for 4 years. I really think it’s my IUD. Thank you for your help.

    • Alyssa
      May 12, 2020 / 7:58 pm

      I had breast implants for 10 years, and I think I was suffering from Breast Implant Illness until I got them removed (still recovering, but have seen big improvements). I suspect the body might have a similar reaction to any type of implant (not just breast implants), but we don’t know about any of it for sure. It is worth checking into things more with your IUD. For lunch, I might have a smoothie. For dinner, I like to eat a lot of potatoes and roasted veggies 🙂 I make sure to supplement with a high quality liquid B12 too when I’m eating less meat. I hope that helps! I try to eat lots of salad too. I do use dressing. Sometimes I feel like you gotta do what you gotta do to be able to eat it lol.

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