Last Minute Gifts That You Can Buy Online

last minute gifts

We are down to the final hours!


Are you a last minute shopper with shopping to do?


Do you regret not putting in that Amazon order a few days ago?


Even if you pay an arm and a leg for shipping today, there’s no way your present will arrive on time for Christmas day now.


So I guess that means you have to run out to the store, fight the crowds, and grab that last minute gift (while risking your life in traffic…no joke). Stock is limited and running out…you might not even be able to find what you are looking for this late in the game…


There is another way!


I put together a list of some last minute gift ideas that don’t require a trip to the store AND you don’t need to worry about the shipping either 🙂



The gift that keeps giving!


1. For the book lover in your life…

Get them a subscription to Audible or Scribd.

If you know someone who has a long commute, does a lot of driving, etc, then this might be the perfect gift for them too (even if they’re not a “book lover.”


2. Music/Entertainment Lover

You could also do Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime…the options are endless. I suppose they do sell gift cards for these in a lot of stores which isn’t nearly as fun, but it’s an option when you’re in a pinch!


3. Travel

Another cool subscription idea is Scott’s Cheap Flights.

The price is very reasonable, and you’re giving someone a year’s worth of flight deals (daily) sent straight to their inbox. If you know someone who loves to travel, this would be a great gift. You pay a small fee for a subscription, and they save hundreds on a flight. Win Win.

My Next Vacay is another option. I don’t receive as many emails from them, but the subscription is slightly cheaper. Just depends on your price range I guess. I also like supporting them because they are a small family run business.


If you’re interested in finding cheap flights or doing some travel hacking, check out these posts:

How To Find Cheap Flights


Travel Hacking For Beginners


4. Fashion

I know everyone has probably heard of Stitch Fix by now, but I think it’s still a great gift idea. It’s something frivolous that I wouldn’t normally spend money on myself, but I’d use it if it was a gift!



In my humble opinion, Experiences > Things ALL DAY

Buy someone an experience rather than another “thing.” All the research shows that material things make someone temporarily happy, but spending money on experiences actually brings about happiness (and memories to cherish for a lifetime).


This is where Tinggly Experiences comes in.


“Give stories, not stuff’ is their tagline.


You pick out a “collection.” The recipient gets to pick the experience, the when, and the where!


No expiration date.


Experiences available in over 100 countries! Think snorkeling, sky diving, food and drink tours…the possibilities are endless.


Check out their page for more info.


You can have a little box delivered -or- you can choose e-delivery (perfect for last minute shopping).


I love this gift idea because it is so unique too!


If you’re stuck and looking for a gift at the last minute, then I hope some of these ideas helped!


Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas! Enjoy the next two days with family and friends.


xoxo Alyssa


[Some of the links mentioned above may be affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. It won’t cost you anything extra, and you’d be supporting my blog in the process – so thank you!]


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