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What are these Google Maps Lists & Why Would You Want Them?

First of all, they are my gift to you!

These lists are everything I wish I had in my hand when going to a new city.

They are a one-stop shop.  Download to your Google Maps, save, and GO!

My biggest struggle when sitting down to plan a trip is:

  1. Where to Stay (Neighborhood & Quality of Hotel)
  2. Finding Good Bars & Restaurants (I’m a single gal, a HUGE foodie, & I want to meet people & mingle.  I enjoy a good cocktail too.  What can I say?)

I have a limited amount of time to spend planning (I’m a busy hard-working woman) AND a limited amount of time on my trip.  I don’t need to be wandering around aimlessly, ending up in a crappy hotel (or worse in a sketchy part of town), or wasting time sitting in my hotel room trying to find a bar or restaurant that might be OK.  I’m not a fan of wasting my money and my limited number of vacation meals on crappy food either.

Unfortunately, sometimes you really just don’t know (no matter how many hours..ok DAYS in my case…of research you do) until you’re on the ground experiencing it for yourself.


I want a list of trusted recommendations made by a woman for women who are traveling alone or with a friend.

I want to know that I’m in a good part of town, close to the hustle and bustle, close to reliable transportation, and that I’m in a comfortable hotel.  I have high standards (especially when it comes to bathrooms).


That’s where my lists come in.  Save yourself time and worry.  (Obviously, please use caution anywhere you go.  I cannot personally ensure your safety.)

My hotel recommendations are all places I have chosen and vetted carefully.  I wouldn’t recommend them unless I feel safe and comfortable there.

The bars and restaurants I recommend are all places I have either been to or places that were recommended to me by close friends and other trusted sources.

I also have lists of top sites to see and/or most Instagrammable spots for many cities too.  The more I travel, the more lists I will make available.


If you don’t see the email in your inbox for the download right away, please check your spam/junk mail folder! Then mark the email as not spam and/or drag it to your inbox 🙂

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The idea to build and provide these lists to women was born last summer when I spent a month living in Lisbon, Portugal.  I trusted a company that specialized in finding housing abroad for women who travel solo.  I ended up in the worst neighborhood in a dangerous situation.  I vowed to never let that happen again and to never let that happen to any woman again.  You can read about that experience HERE.

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