Chaos on Colman Halloween Metro Detroit

chaos on coleman

Chaos on Colman is here to give Tillson Street a run for their money!

Here is everything you need to know about Chaos on Colman!

P.S. As the month of October goes on, it will get busier and busier.



Located btwn 14 & 15 Mile on Colman Street off of Beaconsfield in Clinton Twp. Also between Grossbeck & Gratiot.

To find the exact location put the following address into your GPS:

19822 Colman Street
Clinton Twp, MI 48035



Runs Daily From 10/1/23 through 10/31; Dusk to Midnight
The clowns/actors are out every night (unless it’s raining).


What Makes Them Special:

Every year they do a raffle/fundraiser for a different charity. This year all proceeds go to KnowResolve (teen suicide awareness & prevention).

They have 11 different raffle [AMAZING] baskets up for raffle that range in value from about $800-1000!

Raffle Ticket Prices:

$5 = 1 Ticket
$10 = 3 Tickets
$20 = 7 Tickets
$50 = 20 Tickets

The Raffle is done Live on their Facebook page on Nov 1.

Come on out, have fun, and support a great cause!

Check out the different raffle baskets below!


Is It Kid Friendly?

I say yes! The clowns do walk around and startle you, but they’re also very friendly. I would say this is for all ages all of the time, but that also depends on how easily spooked or scared your kids are. There was one very unhappy child when we walked through, but most people (adults and children) were laughing and having a good time.

They also do a Kid Friendly Day each year. This year’s event is on Saturday, 10/21 from 1-5pm. Refreshments, Goodies Bags, Entertainment, Face Painting, Raffle, You Get the Idea!


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