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20 places with no patio or tent or igloos who are just trying to survive soley based off of take out right now! Many of them have just opened up with in the past few months/this year. I cannot even imagine trying to open a new business during this time!


I have not been to every place on this list…yet 😉 I am working my way through it! If I haven’t been to a place yet, then it is on here because it came HIGHLY recommended from a trusted source.


I hope you will discover some new places and try them out too!


Carter’s Cantina (Shelby Twp) Thank you for the recommendation Cindy!


They just opened their Shelby Twp location about 3 months ago. I didn’t even know they were open yet until I reached out to them. They have $2 tacos for Taco Tuesday. Can’t wait to try them out!

Call 586.843.3334


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Regale Craft Food & Drink (Macomb Twp)

They are doing individual orders for NYE!



Rocky’s Ristorante (Macomb Twp)

Authentic Italian Food

These guys recently opened too, and they could use our support!

Call 586.228.1400

Detroitaly Blend Coffee (Shelby Twp)

The most amazing coffee creations!

Try a free 4oz sample of their cremespresso: A cool and creamy specialty espresso dessert that is out of this world!

Free Sample Available:

Tuesday 12/29 and Wednesday 12/30 from 7:30am-6:00pm

Thursday 7:30am-4:00pm 12/31

DRIVE-THRU, Counter Carry-Out, and Online ordering

50773 Corporate Drive, Shelby Twp


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Buffalo Pizza & Wings (Macomb)

Family Owned Pizzaria Serving Authentic Buffalo Style Pizza

Order Online or Call 586.991.6243


Mavrix (Shelby Twp)

Chicken, Burgers, & Beer

“The Home of the Best Boneless Wings On The Planet!”

I am a sucker for some good boneless wings in honey bbq sauce.

Call 586.532.0148

Joe’s Italian Takeout (Shelby Twp)


Best New Restaurant in Macomb County 2020!

Get your NYE orders in! 586.488.3085


Jams (Shelby Twp)

Amazing Brunch & Lunch Selection!

Call 586.991.6450 for carry out and curbside pick up!


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Angela’s Italian Deli & Bakery (Macomb)

Many people have raved about their sandwiches! (I hear you can find hot chocolate bombs here too!)



Lula’s Cafe (Shelby Twp) Thanks for the rec Beth!

Healthy & Tasty Breakfast & Lunch

You can order on Door Dash or Call 586.251.2107


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New Age Cafe (Clinton Twp)

Asian Restaurant

Chef driven concept featuring a noodle heavy menu including the Build Your Own Noodle Bowl.

Call 586.846.2364


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Khom Fai (Macomb Twp)

Award Winning Pad Thai!

Order on their website or call 586. 247.7773

The chicken fried rice is my favorite!


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Nonna’s Italian Kitchen (Shelby Twp)


Call 586.884.6949 to order


Miller Brother’s Creamery (Mt. Clemens)

Ice Cream

This place is hurting…to the point where they may have to close their doors forever. Let’s not let that happen!



Penne Lane (Clinton Twp)


Check out their BOGO Pasta Deal Going On Right Now!

They also have “Penne Packs” for pizza, chicken, pasta, lasagna, etc.

Order Online or Call 586.471.5583


Juan Miguel’s (Clinton Twp)


I hear the fajitas are amazing!

They also have Cocktails To Go!

Call 586.783.9751


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Vinny’s Brunch (Clinton Twp)

Creative & Unique Brunch & Lunch

Have been! Spectacular Food!

(The feta fries are my favorite.)

Order online or Call 586.738.6253


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Naked Burger (Clinton Twp)

Craft Burgers with some amazing late night specials too!

They are also serving up Cocktails To Go!

Call 586.649.7007


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Mama B’s Pizzaria (Shelby Twp)

Order Online or Call 586.697.1011

They also have a vegan menu!


Golden Bowl (Macomb Twp) Thank you, Alyssa, for letting me know that they reopened!


Unfortunately, I cannot find a good photo to share. I have been here, and the food is/was stellar.

They were shutdown for a while due to a death in the family. I have been told that they are under new ownership now and using the same recipes as before!

I have heard some mixed reviews with the new ownership. Some people say it is just as good as it was before. Others say they were not 100% satisfied. I still think it’s worth a try though! Any time a new place opens or there is new ownership, there will be a few hiccups to work out. I’m willing to be patient.

Call 586.226.8022



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