about-party-of-alyssa-mattThat’s the thing about life.

You can either LET IT HAPPEN to you, or you can take charge & MAKE IT HAPPEN for you.

Ask the universe for what you want, and then go out there and get it.


One day I woke up and decided to change my life

Ok, it didn’t happen quite SO dramatically…but in a lot of ways it did.

There was a break up on a cruise ship.

There was a stalker situation.

There were A LOT of crazy things (just ask my students).

Some good. Some bad.

All of it led me to be here today.

Living a life I love* and pursuing my dreams.

I want to help you live a life that you love too.

*Please note, I never said perfect.*

If you are looking for perfect, you are in the wrong spot my friend.

I am still a work in progress too.

Someone recently told me that I share too much.

Well, #SorryNotSorry, sir.

In my humble opinion, people do not share enough.

Oh, they definitely share the highlight reel on their social media, but that’s not the kind of sharing I am talking about.

On this blog, we’re keeping it REAL.

What Will You Find Here?

Life, Travel, & Health

My goal is to inspire you and provide you with the tools to:

1. Change your life

2. Be positive

3. Increase your productivity

4. Set & reach goals

5. Travel

6. Improve your health {mind, body, & spirit}

7. Practice self-love

8. Live your best life!!!

A Few Things I Have Come to Believe…

You have to actively create the life of your dreams.

In order to change your life, you have to change your mind.

The present moment is the only moment that is guaranteed.

Be the leading lady {or man} of your own life.

I believe in people helping and supporting each other.

I believe in the Lord and his timing.

I believe in walking off the beaten path and taking the road less traveled.

I believe in self-improvement and that learning never ends.

Life is about experiences and not things.

& Love Yourself

When I was A Kid…

1. I preferred to stay in and read my Harry Potter books.

2. I painted pictures of flowers EVERY DAY in kindergarten.

3. At restaurants, I would drink the little cups of coffee creamer sitting on the table.  I had no qualms about it until my cousins laughed at me.  And even then, I still didn’t care because those little coffee creamers are GOOD.

4. My dream was to be an author, so I wrote a newsletter that I mailed out to my family each month called “The Family Free Press” or the FFP as it became known.


You can still find me with my nose stuck in a book, but I have not painted any flowers in a really long time.

I’m writing a blog instead of a family newsletter.

I run slowly, and I sing off key.  I draw stick figures.  My dance moves provide comedic relief.

My siblings actually fought once because neither one wanted me on their badminton team.

I am currating a list of words to never use in a middle school classroom.  Top of the list:  HARD

Ex. When teaching math class and referring to different problems, never say, “This one is harder than that one.”

Still. A. Huge. Nerd.

Goofy Goober & Recovering Perfectionist

I would rather be a Diana than a Kardashian.

Pictures of my dog and travel photos make up about 95% of my camera roll.

My Story

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011.  I traded in my dream of becoming a writer to be a teacher instead.

My college boyfriend broke up with me…on a cruise vacation…after six years of being together.  The abbreviated version goes like this…

* We go to dinner * He brings up the future/marriage/etc * Two hours later he says, “I’m just not sure you’re the one” *

You can imagine how it went from there.

He said many interesting things to me during that break up, but there is one particular honorable mention that I will include here.

He told me that he always pictured me ending up in Ohio.

Huh?  What exactly was he picturing? 

That I would move to a small farm in rural Ohio and work in a one room school house?!?


1) He never saw a future with me


2) He expected me to disappear.  I would be nothing without him.

Talk about motivation.

Fast forward two years and a few poor dating choices later…

I ended up dating a stage five clinger.


I was off the dating scene for 6 years so cut me some slack ok?

While Mr. Wrong was busy wasting my time, I missed out on very valuable dating experience.

Anyway, I know this sounds like, “Oh HA HA!”

But the situation ended with me talking to the police for help, so it was actally pretty serious.

A Turning Point

When all was said and done, I did some SERIOUS reflecting.

The whole situation caused me to see that I was caught in a pattern of dysfunction.

It started with the disrespect I accepted from my college boyfriend, and it had been escalating at an alarming rate from there.

“Ok God, I FINALLY understand the lesson.”

Some of us have to learn the hard way I guess.

That was a MAJOR turning point in my life.  It forced me to stop and face some hard truths.

1. I was letting life happen to me. {Read more about how I changed my life}

2. Every time I was dating someone, I would change my life plan to fit theirs. {Read Dicksand}

3. I had “lost” my own voice because I was afraid of being “too bossy” or of people not liking me [gasp].

The biggest realization of ALL…

4. There is no white knight.  You have to save yourself.  Put on your big boy and big girl pants ladies and gents.


So What Did I Do About It?

Reflecting & realizing is GREAT, but you have to TAKE ACTION.

So what did I do?

First of all, I said, “Thank you” to the Lord for not giving me what I thought I wanted at the time.

I also thanked the Lord for the wake up call and the opportunity to do and be better.

Then, I adopted an attitude of gratitude, and changed my mindset.

Self-love, positivity, goal setting, traveling, stepping outside my comfort zone, and taking control of my health became my top priorities.

I shifted my focus from trying to FIND someone to be in a relationship with

—–> to BEING a person worth finding.

I stopped worrying about doing the things that society says I should do & I started doing the things I WANTED to do instead.


Took control of my health (which involved a surgery to remove my breast implants & the scar tissue capsules).

Traveled to 9 countries, 16 states, & counting.

Flirted with my celebrity crush at Comic Con (Oh Captain, My Captain!)

Met some of the MOST FANTASTIC PEOPLE in England, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, & Italy.

Have learned so many important life lessons along with way.


Am working toward my goal of working online & traveling the world.

I Am Not Perfect…

And I do not claim to be.

I am living and learning as I go.  If I can help someone by sharing my story, then I am glad to do it.

I do not have everything figured out, but I keep trying.

I invite you to come on this journey of growth and discovery with me.

Are you in?

Find me on Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest @partyofalyssamatt.

Let’s connect!

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