9 Creative Ways To Save For Travel

creative ways to save for travel

Creative Ways To Save for Travel


If you want to see the world, then you have to make travel a priority.


And for Pete’s sake STOP WAITING.


Nothing in this life is guaranteed.  You won’t be here forever, and neither will the places that you want to see (Notre Dame).


I cringe when people say they are waiting for retirement.  Old age is a privilege.  Do you know how many stories I have heard of people waiting for retirement…and then they get cancer, or get sick, and/or die?  It happens all the time.


I’m not promoting being irresponsible, going into debt, etc.  BUT I am saying that time is precious, and the only time you are guaranteed is the present moment.


Stop waiting and start traveling now.


Stop waiting for the perfect time to start living your life.  The perfect time is now.


You will have to make some sacrifices and life changes.  If travel is really a priority for you, then you can do it!


1. Open an account at a credit union

Save for travel by setting up a direct deposit of $50 or $100/paycheck as a travel fund.

Teacher friends, the Michigan Educational Credit Union might be the way to go!

Let’s say you get paid bi monthly. If you’re able to stash away even just $50/paycheck, that’s $100/month and $1200/year.  If you can do $100/paycheck, then that adds up to $2400/year!


The more you can set aside, the better, but even the smallest amount will add up over time.


2. Make your coffee at home

Yep.  If you want to save for travel, then stop your morning Starbucks or Timmy H routine.

$5/coffee x 5 days a week x 40 weeks per year = $1000 that you’re spending on drive-thru coffee


Even if making your own coffee at home costs $300/year (which I think is rather high…), you’re still coming out ahead with an extra $700 in your pocket!


Should you treat yourself every once in a while? Absolutely!


If you want to make travel a priority though, then you need to cut way back!


3. Start making your lunch every day

Stop ordering lunch.  It adds up fast especially when you’re having it delivered because you have 25 minutes for lunch everyday. (#teacherlife)


Let’s say you order lunch one day per week.  We’ll low ball it and say you spend $15/week x 50 weeks/year = $750.  Let’s also estimate that it would have cost you $5 (estimating on the higher end here) to make your lunch that day instead. $5 x 50 = $250. $750 – $250 = an extra $500/year in your pocket.


Again, should you treat yourself everyone in a while?  YES!  Just don’t make it into a weekly habit.


4. Ditch Cable

Get a Roku and get Sling, Netflix, Hulu, etc instead.


Here’s my rough estimate on this:


Cable = $200/month x 12 months = $2,400/year

Rounding up on Roku + Sling/Netflix/Hulu etc. = $100/month x 12 = $1,200/year


Savings = $1,200/year


5. Cut Back on Your Monthly Subscriptions

Is there anywhere you can cut back?  Anything you’re not using?




If you’re using those subscriptions, then great!  Keep enjoying them!

Could you split these services with a group of people/share an account?


6. Getting Your Nails Done

Let’s low ball this one too.  Say you are getting your nails done once a month for $30.

$30 x 12 months = $360

If you’re getting them done twice a month, you’re spending $720 a year on nails.


It’s all about priorities.  If you want to make travel a priority, then this is an area where you can cut back as well.


7. Hair & Other Beauty Expenses

How often do you get your hair cut and dyed?  Taking care of your hair is super important, but again maybe this is an area where you can cut back.  Talk to your stylist about taking a more minimal approach.


8. Travel Reward Credit Cards

Rack up points on your regular monthly spending with credit cards specific to travel!


We all have bills.  Might as well earn some good rewards back for paying them!


Again, please do not go into debt here.  That defeats the whole purpose.  You should only utilize this strategy if you are in the habit of paying off your bill in full each month.


I talk about what I believe is the best travel rewards card on the market right now in this post.


9. Other Money Saving Tips For Travel

Check out my post on scoring cheap flights.


When you book through Hotels.com, you can earn free nights.


Booking.com is another great place to book! https://www.booking.com/


I’d love to hear your feedback on this one!  Leave me a comment, and let me know what you think.  Do you have any other creative ideas about how to save for travel?


As always, thank you for reading and supporting,


xoxo Alyssa



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creative ways to save for travel


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